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Published: 29th August 2018

Format: Paperback

Edition: 1st Edition

Extent:  in Paperback and e-Book

ISBN: 9780244111502

Imprint: Aranon Publishing

Dimensions: 14.81 wide x 20.98 tall

RRP: £4.95

Online Price: £ 12.95 and £6.99

About this Book

This is an excellent book on astro-theology. It is hard to believe this was first published in 1895, as many of its concepts and explanations of religion are still relevant today.

Further, it is written in such a clear and refreshing way that it is perfect for the both the student of religion and truth-seeker alike.

It is packed with estoreic knowledge and is ideal for anyone interested in astro-theology and its influence on world wide religions both ancient and contemporary.

A truly fascinating book reproduced by Aranon Publishing




£ 4.95


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Astral Worship

By: J. H. HGill

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