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I bought this book on Kindle today and spent the afternoon reading it. I have so many other books on this subject but this book is at the top of my list of important pendulum books.

Just got this book today...So awesome that its difficult to put down! It covers more than I ever expected it to cover. I have other books on this topic but this is the real deal...This is THE must have for the serious...

I really enjoyed this book. This is a great book for anyone wanting to learn this subject and how to do it.

This is a terrific book! Not only does it explain the art, but more importantly, shows you how to do it safely.

We were attracted to this book because it looks new, which it is, and the content was impressive, so we bought it. It is the best buy this year so far for us because it is very practical and the author has a great style that feels like he is talking directly to you. I learned a lot as did my wife, and we were especially impressed with the information and the clear explanations. There is a really good online support site as well which really adds to the value.

Just finished reading his book. It truly is a soup-to-nuts guide and covers the subject thoroughly enough that a novice could use it to start their trek with step-by-step guides.

I am new to this and found the book to be very helpful, clear and consice, but even more so than the book was having communication with the author that really helped me. As a beginner you have many questions that might not be "general" and it was great to know that David's answer was only an email away. Besides the communication with David what also helped me a lot was the readers' section of his website. Thank you David. Can't wait for your next book.

This format of book is just perfect when we take notes aside the text with the Kindle PC version, because we can use an efficient keyboard. The matters of the book are well presented and easily understandable. It is so good I bought the paperback as well.

This book does fulfill the promise of its title which impressed me very much actually. The one thing it can't do for you is practice of course but it really does make all the difference by showing us the right way to do it.